Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA_-_Hardclub_Vol_5-2CD-2006-MOD Filled Hardcore 2 10-Dec-2017
VA_-_Hardclub_Vol_4-2CD-2005-MOD Filled Hardcore 2 10-Dec-2017
VA_-_Hardclub_Vol_3-2CD-2004-QMI Filled Hardcore 2 10-Dec-2017
VA_-_Hardclub_Vol_2-2CD-2003-MOD Filled Hardcore 2 10-Dec-2017
VA-Hardclub-2CD-2003-JOM_INT Filled Hardcore 1 10-Dec-2017
Manga Corps - The Hunter Filled Hardcore 1 10-Dec-2017
DJ Paul ‎– The Nightmare Series (in good quality) Open Hardcore 0 09-Dec-2017
RVRS BASS label Open Hardcore 0 08-Dec-2017
DRS presents Triple Six Records Album 3.0 Open Hardcore 0 08-Dec-2017
Hardcore Classics Top 100 Filled Hardcore 2 07-Dec-2017
Radical Redemption - The Funfair Of Madness (Radical Redemption Hardcore Remix) Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Darrien Kelly, Dj Attic & Stylzz - Check Out The Style Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Nitrogenetics_-_Doomsday_EP-(AFTER26)-WEB-2015-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Nitrogenetics_-_Escape_The_Ordinary_EP_(Incl._Edit)-(AFTER030)-WEB-2015-HB Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Meagashira_Aka_Project_Omeaga_-_The_Musical_Divide-(AFTER011)-WEB-2013-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Meagashira_aka_Project_Omeaga_-_In_Atlantis_Angels_Used_To_Fly-(AFTER018)-WEB-2014-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Meagashira_-_I_Will_Rise_Now-(AFTER008)-WEB-2012-HB Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Meagashira_-_Purified_By_Pain-(AFTER004)-WEB-2012-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
Project_Omeaga_-_Ey_Oh-(AFTER005)-WEB-2012-HB Filled Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2017
The 100 Best Happy Hardcore Hits Ever Filled Hardcore 2 05-Dec-2017
Funktastik Records Open Hardcore 1 04-Dec-2017
Skull Vomit - Deadly Observation Open Hardcore 0 03-Dec-2017
Powerstomp Remixes Filled Hardcore 1 02-Dec-2017
Bodylotion_-_Always_Hardcore_(Remixes)-(TT28R)-Vinyl-1996-HB_INT Filled Hardcore 2 02-Dec-2017
Hellfish ‎– Serious Evil Shit Mission 3 Open Hardcore 0 02-Dec-2017