Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA-Hardcore_Nations_United-WEB-2008-BE Filled Hardcore 1 06-Nov-2012
VA_-_Hardcore_United Filled Hardcore 2 06-Nov-2012
VA_-_Qore_3.0 2012 2cd Filled Hardcore 1 06-Nov-2012
Tymon - Stay 320kbps FULL Filled Hardcore 1 06-Nov-2012
Vextor_And_Pimkat_-_Ladies_In_Da_House-(VCR003)-WEB-2011-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 05-Nov-2012
Vextor_And_Pimkat_Feat_MC_Fixout_-_Scream_(The_Remixes)-(VCR02)-WEB-2010-R4NDLE Filled Hardcore 1 05-Nov-2012
Vextor_-_You_Know-(VCR004)-WEB-2012-HB Filled Hardcore 1 05-Nov-2012
VA_-_Qore_3.0_OST-WEB-2011-HB Filled Hardcore 1 05-Nov-2012
Scott_Brown_-_The_Buckfast_Experience-(NEO010)-WEB-2001-HB Filled Hardcore 2 04-Nov-2012
Angerfist – No Fucking Soul 320 kbps web Filled Hardcore 3 04-Nov-2012
Hellsystem - Devil Face (Album in 320 kbps) Filled Hardcore 3 03-Nov-2012
Mute. ‎– Conveyed In Wordless Detail Filled Hardcore 1 03-Nov-2012
Drokz - ROCKAROLLA SAMPLER vol 2 (DROKZ007) Filled Hardcore 2 03-Nov-2012
DJ D - Imagine (When I Found You) Filled Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2012
Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Remix) Filled Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2012
Art Of Fighters - Premonition 320kbps Dupe Hardcore 0 02-Nov-2012
DJ_Nosferatu_-_Datafile_Area_51-(ENZYME007)-WEB-2002 Filled Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2012
Ophidian_-_A_Place_Called_Yesterday-(ENZYME18X)-WEB-2004 Filled Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2012
MONO006-Slime Slurps-1992-The Invasion Of The Slime Slurps-(Mono Tone)-vinyl Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
Phase_IV--Shape_The_Future_(The_Remixes)_(MONO_025)-Vinyl-1993-dL Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
Bartoch - I'm the Danger (ALBUM) Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
SH-lim_02_-_Lenny_Dee_vs._The_Speed_Freak_-_I_ve_Made_A_Change___Worst__Hardcore_Pauwer Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
The_Speed_Freak__Sonic_Mine_EP_(MONO_008)_Vinyl_1993_dL Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
Igor_and_Igneon_System-Rmx_Series-(NLG1K003)-WEB-2010-DEF Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2012
Carnage_and_Cluster_-_Whats_That_Noisj Filled Hardcore 1 31-Oct-2012