Happy Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Steven Davidson / Stu Infinity ‎– Broken / Get A Rush Filled Happy Hardcore 1 14-Oct-2017
Deivid_Sound_And_System_Fail_And_Cj_Molina-Fly_With_The_Music-WEB-2015-DWM Filled Happy Hardcore 2 13-Oct-2017
Project Shadow - on the floor Filled Happy Hardcore 2 11-Oct-2017
Project Shadow* Feat. Racy ‎– The Fix (Powerstomp Mix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 11-Oct-2017
Corruption_Vs_Periferal_Feat_Freda_J-Young_Forever-(IYHR021)-WEB-2011-EDML_INT Filled Happy Hardcore 5 11-Oct-2017
Jimmy J ‎– 99 Red Balloons / Gotta Believe Filled Happy Hardcore 1 10-Oct-2017
Happy 2b Hardcore Collection Filled Happy Hardcore 4 09-Oct-2017
Various ‎– DJ Tools Soundclash Vol 1 Filled Happy Hardcore 2 06-Oct-2017
Nightcore Presents Ryan T. Filled Happy Hardcore 3 05-Oct-2017
Missing stuff in label: "In Your Head Records" Filled Happy Hardcore 3 04-Oct-2017
Bass_Generator-Bass_Generator_and_Captain_Horse-GTX002-199x-OSM Open Happy Hardcore 1 04-Oct-2017
Joachim Witt - Goldener Raver CDM Filled Happy Hardcore 2 01-Oct-2017
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Life Force Generator/Metamorphosis Open Happy Hardcore 0 30-Sep-2017
Various ‎– Album 22 Open Happy Hardcore 3 30-Sep-2017
Westbam_-_Bam_Bam_Bam-CDM-1994-E4QM_iNT Filled Happy Hardcore 1 30-Sep-2017
Marusha-Trip_To_Raveland-(853_517-2)-CDM-1994-MAPHiA_INT Filled Happy Hardcore 1 30-Sep-2017
Dj_Hooligan_-_Rave_Nation-CDM-1994-CMG Open Happy Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
(14CD-0002) MC Stone - What's Up!! Open Happy Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Camel Records" / seph_-_never_apart-(cam003)-vinyl-2004... Filled Happy Hardcore 4 28-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "C.H.S" Open Happy Hardcore 0 28-Sep-2017
[PLUS033] Sean Apollo & DMO - I Can Feel You Now-Take Me Home Filled Happy Hardcore 4 27-Sep-2017
[PLUS030] Gammer feat Compulsion - The Call Open Happy Hardcore 11 27-Sep-2017
Gareth Emery feat. Krewella - Lights & Thunder (Darren Styles Remix) Filled Happy Hardcore 1 25-Sep-2017
MESS-GAME Vol.4 Open Happy Hardcore 0 24-Sep-2017
Various ‎– Contagious To The Core Volume 2 Open Happy Hardcore 0 23-Sep-2017