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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
Enzyme X-Dissonant Poetry VIP (EXV07) 320-WAV Filled Hardcore 1 07-May-2011
DJ Duco - Do What's Right BIR022-WEB320kbps? Filled Hardstyle 1 07-May-2011
Please re-up Alpha Projects Filled Happy Hardcore 1 06-May-2011
DJ Juanma - Rise Up (CRMX124) Filled Hardcore 1 06-May-2011
Bass Modulators vs Playboyz - Shake your Pantz Expired Hardstyle 0 06-May-2011
The Frequencerz - Beyond Tomorrow (Testmix)-WEB Filled Hardstyle 1 05-May-2011
The_Wishmaster back for ever ep web...320kbps Filled Hardcore 2 05-May-2011
Evil Activities @ Thunderdome Radio 20-06-2007 Filled Hardcore 1 05-May-2011
Dj Hardboyz - Spin it Back Filled Hardstyle 1 05-May-2011
[KK 8] Holland's Hardest – Holland's Hardest Expired Hardcore 0 04-May-2011
Special: all hardcore vinyls of the year 2000 Expired Hardcore 0 03-May-2011
[Militia Cell O] Hellseeker / Mechakucha – Militia Cell O Filled Speedcore 1 02-May-2011
[STROID 05] Hellfish & Method Man – Da Deckwrecka / Test The Meths Closed Hardcore 0 01-May-2011
Frontliner - Spacer, Frontliner - Tuuuduuu 320 kbps Closed Hardstyle 3 01-May-2011
dj promo the worst of 2001..320KBPS ONLY Filled Hardcore 1 01-May-2011
Josh & Wesz - Like Thiz 320 kbps Filled Hardstyle 3 01-May-2011
angerfist mutilate album in 320kbps Filled Hardcore 1 30-Apr-2011
dj d melody man album in 320kbps Filled Hardcore 2 30-Apr-2011
VA-Sensation_Black_Edition-2CD-2002-MiM Closed Hardstyle 2 28-Apr-2011
Na-Goyah vs S'Aphira - Vita Aeterna (2009) ep web 320kbps Filled Hardcore 2 28-Apr-2011
Nightmare Hell Awaits Filled Hardcore 5 27-Apr-2011
COONE : THE CHALLENGE WEB Filled Hardstyle 2 27-Apr-2011
angerfist no fucking soul 320kbps web Filled Hardcore 1 27-Apr-2011
Evil Activities & Panic - Extreme Audio 320kbps Filled Hardcore 1 27-Apr-2011
DJ seduction- We Are Hardcore 320kbps Full Expired Happy Hardcore 0 27-Apr-2011


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