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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA-Decibel_2011-3CD-2011-hM CUE FILES Filled Hardstyle 1 21-Aug-2011
Adaro - The Haunter Of The Dark Filled Hardstyle 4 21-Aug-2011
DJ_Jappo_and_Lancinhouse_-_Exlxaxl-Original_Hardcore_Remixes-(ISL11)-Vinyl-2005-SQ Filled Hardcore 2 21-Aug-2011
Prednison Attack VIP Filled Hardcore 3 20-Aug-2011
Xenotech NL Weblabel Expired Hardcore 4 20-Aug-2011
[HT002] NeoX & Javi-Molina - Gennie in a Bottle Closed Hardcore 1 20-Aug-2011
NEO 056 Filled Hardcore 1 20-Aug-2011
T3RDM0173D Filled Hardcore 1 20-Aug-2011
Bald Terror - Drummachine Remixes (1996) Filled Hardcore 1 19-Aug-2011
ALPHA TWINS - SICK FUCKER Filled Hardstyle 1 19-Aug-2011
HARD CREATION - I WILL HAVE THAT POWER Filled Hardstyle 1 19-Aug-2011
Tha Playah- On The Edge/ Clockwork Filled Hardcore 1 19-Aug-2011
noize creator - something bad Filled Breakcore 3 18-Aug-2011
noize creator discopraphy Expired Hardcore 0 18-Aug-2011
electromeca - riddim ep Filled Breakcore 2 18-Aug-2011
DOMAIN HARDCORE VOLUME1 2011 mixed by neophyte and panic Closed Hardcore 1 18-Aug-2011
Dreamz - I'm The One For You ( Plz Make it come True ) Closed Hardcore 3 17-Aug-2011
Delirium - Blazing out your speakers WEB Filled Hardcore 1 17-Aug-2011
KAOS_AND_PAU_DJ-CONNECTED-(KAT063)-WEB-2009-UKHX Filled Hardstyle 2 16-Aug-2011
PROMO - UP YOURS Filled Hardcore 2 16-Aug-2011
Dark. Descent. No 7 + 8 Closed Hardcore 0 16-Aug-2011
Delta_9_-_Punkloser-Vinyl-2003-SQ Filled Hardcore 1 16-Aug-2011
Tapage-The_Institute_Of_Random_Events-2008-FWYH Filled Hardcore 2 16-Aug-2011
Tatanka & Zatox – Gangsta / Love Theme From The Godfather Filled Hardstyle 1 15-Aug-2011
Brennan Heart - Get Wasted (DefQon.1 Anthem 2007) FULL HQ WEB (NOT SRG) Filled Hardstyle 2 14-Aug-2011


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