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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA-Decibel_Outdoor_2015-WEB-2015-UKHx Filled Hardstyle 1 27-Nov-2017
Joey Riot vs DJ Boyle EP Filled Happy Hardcore 1 26-Nov-2017
Weaver_And_Impact-Breakaway-WEB-2013-UKHx Filled Hardcore 1 26-Nov-2017
VA - Brachiale Horakustikk Free Compilation (2009) Open Hardcore 0 26-Nov-2017
Digital Punk - Oblivion (2013) FLAC Filled Hardstyle 2 26-Nov-2017
Max B Grant - Handle This (2009) FLAC Open Hardstyle 0 26-Nov-2017
FTKCD9991 Frenchtek Vol. 1 Filled Jumpstyle 2 26-Nov-2017
FTK05 Frenchtek All Stars Vol 1 Filled Jumpstyle 2 26-Nov-2017
Neophyte vs. Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore Filled Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2017
Various ‎– Thrones Of Hardcore Chapter 1 (2015) 2cd Filled Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2017
VA_-_Future_Sound_Label_Compilation_01-CD-2004-SQ Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Nov-2017
Srb-More_Dutchcore-WEB-2017-2FAST4U Filled Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2017
Riot Shift - Engage Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Nov-2017
Alex_Tee_Voyager_-_Crimin_In_To_Hell_(SUB214)-Vinyl-2005-JiM Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Nov-2017
DJ_Kraftune_Vs._Chris_Kolle_-_Krakol_E.P._(SUB211)-Vinyl-2005-JiM Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Nov-2017
Tommyknocker_And_MC_Lob_-_The_Realm-(TRAX9917)-WEB-1999 Filled Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2017
VA-Subway_Records_Label_Compilation-CD-2004-SND Open Hardstyle 0 25-Nov-2017
DJ Duro releases Filled Hardstyle 3 24-Nov-2017
A-Tension_-_Angels-(D-ACST001)-CDM-1996-5thDensity Filled Happy Hardcore 2 24-Nov-2017
K405 Records Open Hardstyle 0 23-Nov-2017
Dair & Devastate music power Open Happy Hardcore 0 22-Nov-2017
De Sjonnies - Dans je de hele nacht met mij (Dr. Rude's X-Qlusive Holland DJ-Tool)[... Filled Hardstyle 1 22-Nov-2017
Various ‎– So You Wanna Be Hardcore EP Filled Hardcore 2 22-Nov-2017
Omegatypez - Get Up! (2013) FLAC Filled Hardstyle 2 22-Nov-2017
Angerfist & Crucifier - Broken Chain Filled Hardcore 1 21-Nov-2017


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