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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
Dj Christian Beltran & Dj Inn- K Pasa 2010 Open Hardcore 0 16-Jan-2017
CRYPT - THE 9TH CIRCLE Filled Hardcore 1 15-Jan-2017
walt- wanna fuck Open Hardstyle 0 15-Jan-2017
Art_is_Anal_-_Parano_E.P.-(HIV6)-Vinyl-2003-SQ Filled Hardcore 1 15-Jan-2017
VA_-_Bassleader_Capital_of_the_Harder_Styles_2012_Compilation-ID3FIX-3CD-2012-SOB Open Hardstyle 0 15-Jan-2017
Pi_-_Cursing-Retail_Vinyl-2002-UDC Open Hardstyle 0 15-Jan-2017
Pi-Cursing-Promo_CDS-2003-XXL Open Hardstyle 0 15-Jan-2017
Plus_System-Do_It_Like_We_Do__Gods_Child-(PLUS10)-WEB-2003-UKHx_INT Filled Hardstyle 2 15-Jan-2017
Plus_System-Prince_of_Darkness_(Dark_Intro_Mix)-PROMO-2004-XTC Filled Hardstyle 1 15-Jan-2017
Vindicta 10 Cyane Stocker A-Kriv Chimera - EP Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
Central Rock Records Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
Detest - Love Song Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
Los Toreros ‎– Los Toreros CHR-549 (web/lossless) Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
DJ Chosen Few (multiple releases) web/lossless Open Hardcore 2 15-Jan-2017
Despairful Tomorrow & Xenophex ‎– Suffering, Death And Boogie-Woogie (web/lossless) Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
Artemis, Syphex & Nyocore ‎– I Burn Up In Your Face (web/lossless) Open Hardcore 0 15-Jan-2017
Coresickness - Your Sickness Not Mine GPW 005 (web/lossless) Open Hardcore 0 14-Jan-2017
Audioconflict* ‎– The E.P Filled Hardstyle 2 14-Jan-2017
Lenny Dee ‎– Industrial F**kin Strength 2 - Unleash The Brutality - Featuring DJ Mix... Filled Hardcore 1 14-Jan-2017
some offensive releases Open Hardcore 1 14-Jan-2017
Free tracks by Ghiesz Open Hardstyle 0 14-Jan-2017
Emphasis_-_Scumbag-(FB003)-Retail_Vinyl-2004-UDC Filled Hardstyle 1 14-Jan-2017
J_Ru-Defected-FIXED-Vinyl-2004-SND Filled Hardstyle 1 14-Jan-2017
Hard_Bass_2016_-_Red_Team_Live_(Warface__Delete__Deetox_and_3_The_Hard_way)_(Arnhem)-... Filled Hardstyle 1 14-Jan-2017
MultiGroove - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder Filled Hardcore 2 13-Jan-2017


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