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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
Buzz Fuzz & Bass-D - It's alright 2017 Open Hardcore 0 23-Jun-2018
Rob Gee-You Got What I Need (Remixes) Made In Germany Open Hardcore 0 23-Jun-2018
Jimmy-J + Cru-L-T ‎– 6 Days (CDM) Open Happy Hardcore 0 23-Jun-2018
Narcotic Network Recordings Open Hardcore 0 22-Jun-2018
Endymion ‎– Payback Filled Hardcore 2 22-Jun-2018
chain reaction & crypsis - The attack Filled Hardstyle 2 22-Jun-2018
Raggatek Live Band ‎– Homicidal Gang 08 Open Frenchcore 0 22-Jun-2018
Stefano Pignat ‎– Ipnotika Label Compilation 01 Open Hardstyle 0 22-Jun-2018
Rob Gee - You got what i need (Remixes) Open Hardcore 0 22-Jun-2018
DJ Skull Vomit & Stazma The Junglechrist ‎– Ripping Guillotine / Bastardized Open Hardcore 0 21-Jun-2018
Khaozengine* ‎– Hidious Nightmares / Hit Em Up Open Hardcore 0 21-Jun-2018
Raxyor ‎– REBorn/Clone Open Hardcore 0 21-Jun-2018
Jump id req Open Jumpstyle 1 21-Jun-2018
Releases of Hardtec Records Open Hardcore 0 21-Jun-2018
Human Resource - Dominating The World & More Filled Hardcore 2 21-Jun-2018
Patrick_Jumpen-The_Secret-CDS-REPACK-2007-DOH Filled Jumpstyle 1 20-Jun-2018
Patrick_Jumpen_-_Holiday-CDS-2007-HB Filled Jumpstyle 1 20-Jun-2018
Radiance - Fractals of Sound (Album) Filled Hardstyle 6 20-Jun-2018
Kaos_and_Ethos__Phospher_-_Get_Fucked__Feel_it-Vinyl-2003-XDS Open Happy Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2018
Future_Dance-Kaos_and_Ethos-FDR001-2001-OSM Open Happy Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2018
Gabbers at work full label Filled Hardcore 1 20-Jun-2018
DJ_Impact_-_Power_Of_Dreams-Promo_Vinyl-2002-DHS Open Happy Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2018
Dark Monks - Insane (Steve Murano Remix) Open Hardstyle 0 19-Jun-2018
Headhunterz ‎– From Within/The Message Is Hardstyle Origins Filled Hardstyle 1 19-Jun-2018
jump promo Filled Jumpstyle 8 19-Jun-2018


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