Serious Beats 13 [Antler-Subway 74321 217192]

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Catalog number: Antler-Subway ‎– 74321 217192
Year: 1994

There are two different versions of Serious Beats 13. The one I do NOT want is Serious Beats 13 [Antler-Subway 74321 219882]

ps. There might be even three different versions of SB 13


Found an MP3 copy on Usenet ... missing track 19 for CD2 .. FFS!
(On inspection it appears to be a RECODE from lower quality m4a...)
Found 2 .m4a copies as well ....

Still hunting... I seem to have the CDs for the other version :/

if no-one have full scene, non-scene is fine by me!

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