Various ‎– Serious Beats 90


nevermind, files are passworded.

I only found it on ZTA, but it's password protected, with surveys...I can't have it, please share it if you have it

Yep ZTA is the only place that has it online, but the file is bogus/fake.
All file sizes end in the same amount of bytes bytes and bytes packed in the rar. That's a sign these files are fake and created to trick you into doing the surveys.
Which I did with a throw away email account and besides tons of spam emails you never get the password ...

No idea why nobody has ripped this yet.
Maybe everyone is just waiting on someone else to do it :P

If you NEED it that bad, buy it and upload the FLAC here ;)
I wish I could but shipping cost on CDs is as much as the album price .. so no thanks.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Serious Beats series has lost its importance long time ago. That's the reason I guess.


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