Radiance - Fractals of Sound (Album)


I'm not that savyy with conversions which is why I asked for mp3. You are not being helpful at all.

rtfm noob

Why not just tell everyone who make requests to rip the files themselves? Why even have a request section?

for wav_file in *.wav;do;lame -V0 $wav_file;done

replace -V0 with -b320 in you want cbr :b

dafuq dude you don't understand the purpose of this site

So you're sure this album is the first and the last one you'd ever need to convert to mp3 so you decided to save this 1 min of googling? And no, it's not the same as actual "music requests & search" when some people request for releases they don't have/can't find and other people can't upload/fill such requests if they also don't have/can't find 'em.
Ask Radiance at his facebook page to add mp3 version of his free album. Maybe he cares enough about such type of "fans", lol

Grabbed it cause I wanted it for my collection.
A few clicks later and it's all in .mp3 (thank you All2Lame and LAME v3.100 DLL)

Track 16 already came in MP3 so take it as it is.
Anyway, here's the link to the album in MP3-320.


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