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Year: 2003 - 2004

I'm looking for any of these awesome Dark Hard Trance EP's on Synthetix.

Lou Cypher Project ‎– Plague / Famine [Snx001]
DJ S4 & Kevin Energy / Lou Cypher Project ‎– The Human Race / Burn An X [Snx002]
Chris C & Kevin Energy / Lou Cypher Project ‎– Forward To The Past / N.W.O. 2003 [Snx003]
Sharkey & K-Komplex / Sharkey & AMS ‎– Pulsive / Incorporeal Being [Snx004]
DBD / Anti Shock ‎– Apocalypse / Technical Difficulties [Snx005]

vinyl/web (if it exists) doesn't matter, just as long as they are legit rips... much appreciation, and Thank you.


This is my request I thought I was signed in lol... I'm just full of derp today :P

I second this request.

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