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Here's another promo topic to make everybody add what you got from The Elément'Z so that we finally won't miss a thing !!!
Here is my list! So PLEASE if you have more : UPLOAD IT / if you know more track names etc, also let me know so we can search for those !!! I will update the main topic with the alphabetical listing of available tracks!
( I will make all topics with [PROMOS] tag in front so it will be easy to SEARCH all those topics ;) ) If you need something from me, tell me and I will upload it!!


Badguy ft The Elément'Z - Pannik (Original Mix).mp3
D-Jumper'z ft The Elément'Z - Crazy Muzik.mp3
DNNYD ft DyCy - Don't Hold Me Down (The Elément'Z Bootleg).mp3
Hardwell & Mkaj - Countdown (The Elément'Z Bootleg).mp3
K-Marty ft The Elément'Z - Because You (Original Mix Pre-Release).mp3
Major Lazer - Come On To Me (The Elément'Z Bootleg).mp3
New World Sound & Edward Newson - Flute (The Elément'Z Bootleg).mp3
One Two Three - Goodbye Algerie (The Elément'Z Bootleg).mp3
The Elément'Z - Armonia (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Baby (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Cut This Shit (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Darkness (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Drop My Bitch (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Drunky (Preview).mp3
The Elément'Z - Evolution (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - FrénétiK (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Gangsta (Original Mix).mp3
The Elément'Z - Sound Of Microsome (Retro Rework 2013).mp3
The Elément'Z & BadGuy - It Stings (Original Mix).wav

=> http://ul.to/f/rkvlmu


Got more here:
The Elément'Z_tbeer.zip: ===> http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/oFoVechN/file.html

Badguy feat The Element'Z - pannik( original mix ).mp3
d-jumper'z feat the element'z-crazy muzik.mp3
DNNYD feat DyCy- Don't Hold Me Down ( The Elément'Z Bootleg ).mp3
hardwell et mkaj-countdown (the element'z bootleg).mp3
Major Lazer -Come On To Me ( The Elément'Z Bootleg ).mp3
new world sound et edward newson-flute (the Element'z bootleg).mp3
ONE TWO THREE goodbye ALGERIE - The Elementz.mp3
The Element_Z - Armonia (original mix ).mp3
The Elément'Z - Sound Of Microsome ( Retro Rework 2013).mp3
The Elément'Z - Baby ( Original mix ) Final Master.mp3
The Elément'Z - Cut This Shit ( Original mix ).mp3
The Elément'Z - Evolution ( Original mix ) (2).mp3
the Element'z-drunky (preview).mp3


WOW THANKS !!! Updated main list :)

Anybody got more?

Anybody got? :D
Arno Cost & Greg Cerrone - NightVenture (The Elément'Z Bootleg)

Is anybody knows the name of this The Element'z we could search him on Facebook and ask :P

I obtained this track , but i lost :/

Best would be to ask at the elément'z to obtain the track :D

please upload the download link again

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