Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Lovin' Ain't Greazy


It's still avl. only as CD released at some non-major label that warez scene will probably overlook. Considering 15 euro (w/o delivery cost) price tag don't expect high bit rate rip to show up anytime soon

second this

I sent message to Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, they said it will be available at iTunes on April 1

it's on vk now. i have no idea to dl it from there tho. maybe konfish or admin knows?!

Register (doh), find and install a browser addon (e.g. "Vk Tune" for Chrome or Firefox 57.0+)

yeah didnt work out that good. you know any good free receive sms online sites/services that actually work? most that i found blur out the codes one needs to register lol

thx! you also got the bkjn compilation?

Np, I have this comp. Expect it soon.

Edit. 10 tracks are shared and I thought it's full album... So I have this comp in a half :s Sorry guys, we need to wait.

thank you very much! hero \o/

consider me hyped too! :D

ahh ok typical toc xD
what happened to puta btw? :O
but can you up the sefa and rooler collab edit?

Yup, hope it'll be released on all stores too. I don't know what about PUTA, it's non-scene group, I'm not into any release group. Here's Sefa & Rooler track:
Btw. these guys are GPF?

Thank you very much! :)

yes they are! but only if they always stay hydrated :D

nah people tend to joke about this since some months. gpf are caine and his brother/cousin or whatever. that's why gpf played at some theracords events, also why their album is marketed on shop co-owned by theracords

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