United Dance Presents The Anthems '92 - '97


Thanks buddy!

Are you able to upload a lossless version?


99% of links that you received - copypast (ctr-c, ctr-v) from gabber.od.ua or 1gabba.pw
Thank you for fun for us to "google" this links for you day by day.

I am aware of those sites.

As you'll also be aware, 99% of links that I have received have been for lossy copies, rather than lossless copies, as I have asked for in each case.

I am only seeking lossless copies in each case, and have requested these CDs as I have not located lossless copies anywhere online.

I do not understand how a clear link to the relevant CD at Discogs in each case could be made any clearer as to what I am requesting.

If you wanna more useful links, in description of your queries give us information about releases of this albums (release kind, name of release group) that you already have.

Does anyone have a lossless version?

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