Request requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Droid ‎– Rave Train Filled Hardstyle 1 22-Feb-2013
Brennan & Heart ‎– Hardstate Channel EP Filled Hardstyle 3 22-Feb-2013
DJ Theo* & Louis Brain ‎– Trashin' Madness Incl. Remix Filled Hardstyle 1 22-Feb-2013
placid k - limited edition (db 072) FULL TRACKS PLEASE Filled Hardcore 1 22-Feb-2013
VA_-_This_is_Terror_14-(TIT014)-Vinyl-2008-SQ Filled Speedcore 1 22-Feb-2013
Danger Hardcore Traxx - Missing scene releases? Filled Hardcore 2 21-Feb-2013
Project one Album Web smaples Filled Hardstyle 5 21-Feb-2013
White Records - Missing releases Filled Jumpstyle 1 21-Feb-2013
Alphaverb_feat._MC_DL_-_Right-(AVIO120)-WEB-2011-SRG Filled Hardstyle 2 21-Feb-2013
Masters Of Hardcore - Statement of Disorder CD2 CUE FILE Only Filled Hardcore 1 21-Feb-2013
NEODIG001 - The 2011 Yearmix Filled Hardcore 1 21-Feb-2013
Tympanik Audio (label) Filled Breakcore 1 21-Feb-2013
Sogma-Revolt-(EMPIRE-001)-WEB-2010-NRG Filled Hardstyle 3 21-Feb-2013
W.A.S.H. ‎– We Are Still Here Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Feb-2013
WASH* ‎– Radio Alarm Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Feb-2013
Switch Technique/Freqax - Devoted/The Upside Down House (YSRD006) Filled Hardcore 1 20-Feb-2013
VA-Dutch_Master_Works-(DMWOR001)-PROPER-WEB-2008-UKHx Filled Hardstyle 2 20-Feb-2013
outcast clan records Filled Hardcore 1 20-Feb-2013
[SOB005] Ado & Montorsi ‎– Like A Bass Filled Hardstyle 2 20-Feb-2013
Organ_Donors_-_Tranceplant__Incl_Dutch_Master_Remix-(ASR01)-WEB-2009-HB Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Feb-2013
Acti_and_Darook_MC_-_Time_To_Rave-(ACTDIG002)-WEB-2010-HB Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Feb-2013
The_Kgbs-Yerba_Diabolika-(POLL293)-WEB-2008-UKHx Filled Hardstyle 1 19-Feb-2013
Searching Around The World - Hardtechno label Filled Techno 4 19-Feb-2013
A few NEXT CHAPTER releases Filled Hardstyle 2 19-Feb-2013
DJ Isaac - Thriller Filled Hardstyle 3 19-Feb-2013