Identify requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Help my identify this Trance intro song please Filled Trance 1 11-Aug-2019
Help me identify this Happy Hardcore intro track please Open Happy Hardcore 0 11-Aug-2019
Hardcore Uknowns Name Track Filled Hardcore 5 30-Jul-2019
Partyraiser ft. Nick Nicolai - Kolere (Bootleg? 2016? ID?)) Open Hardcore 0 26-Jun-2019
Where released? Sandy Warez - Pussy Blower (Speedcore Breakout Not Released Edition) Open Hardcore 0 25-Jun-2019
Song name please Open Hardcore 0 22-Jun-2019
Millennium Hardcore Mashup (ID) Open Hardcore 2 17-Jun-2019
cherche titre the oh SEARCH TITLE PLEASE Open Hardstyle 0 06-Jun-2019
Request. Open Jumpstyle 0 15-May-2019
Digital Mayhem label first 3 releases Open Techno 0 12-May-2019
Crowbar Limited 001 Open Techno 0 08-May-2019
A lot of Tracks (Tracks Names) Open Dance 0 02-May-2019
(identify not upload!) Schranz Extreme - The Hardtechno Revolution Open Techno 0 20-Apr-2019
HTID Event 6 Track Identify Filled Happy Hardcore 2 19-Mar-2019
Track ID from LFO Demon - Flying Fish Open Hardcore 0 23-Feb-2019
Searching this one Open Hardcore 0 19-Feb-2019
Derb - In Africa (unknown MCD) Open Trance 3 11-Feb-2019
ID 1993 (Here's Johnny soundalike) Open Hardcore 0 11-Feb-2019
ID 2 tracks Jumpstyle Open Jumpstyle 0 15-Jan-2019
1 Unknown from 1998 i think Open Hardstyle 4 12-Jan-2019
ID & Request Open Hardstyle 0 16-Dec-2018
Major Lazer - Pon de Floor Jumpstyle Remix/Bootleg Open Jumpstyle 2 24-Nov-2018
Aggressive Act - Supreme Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Nov-2018
The_Scotchman-Mayhem-(DWARF001)-(Vinyl)-1994-Homely Filled Hardcore 4 18-Nov-2018
Critical_Mass_-_Believe_In_The_Future_The_Album-CD-2003-rAv Open Happy Hardcore 2 14-Nov-2018